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Tool Making

T&G industries is a manufacturing company in which engineering and tool making is at the core of it’s operation. Highly skilled and experienced craftsmen deliver precision tooling on time, without delay.

With our injection moulding machines we are also able to mould your product; thus the ultimate advantage is that any modifications or repairs to tooling can be done at the one plant. This ensures detail to accuracy, a saving in turn around times, with consequent cost savings being passed on the customer.

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We design, engineer and service tools as part of the services that we offer. These are a key part of our business and something that we have become very good at over the years. T&G Industries can design the kind of tools that you need in a way that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. When you have a high-quality tooling company like ours designing or servicing your tools for you, it will save you money in the long run. You will get better results and tools that last longer and perform better.

We Are Your Neighbourhood Tooling Shop

A lot of the clients we serve will utilise us as their tooling shop, meaning that we can fix tools right on the factory floor. Our experienced engineers can handle any problem you may have and find the solutions that benefit you the most. Our range of experience is extensive, which allows us to find a way to make any tool function properly. Sometimes that means replacing some parts and other times it simply means retooling the item to ensure it functions better. We work with skilled engineers to ensure that you get the best quality service every time.

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You may be able to repair or service your own tools but might not have the time or manpower to get it done when you want it. Like many of our clients, you can come to us for a quick and effective solution and expect to get a competitive rate.

We Can Solve Your Tooling Problems

No matter what kind of tooling problem you have, there is a solution for it, and we will find it. We don’t just look at the surface problem, but our engineers can dig deep to find the root of the issue and stop the problem at its source. Our experts will assess the problem in a very thorough way that often means looking at the history of the item in question and finding the source of the issue. This allows us to give our clients more helpful solutions and more permanent fixes to their problems. It saves them the hassle of having to come back to us later to get the same issue fixed again. If you are tired of doing that, then come see us at T&G Industries. We have the solution that you are looking for.

If you have tried other tooling services and not been satisfied with the results, then come give us a try. It may just take a fresh look to find the issue and get it resolved, and our experienced team is great at figuring out how to improve, clean, or repair your tools. We are happy to work with you to find a solution that fits your needs and your budget. There is no tooling job that’s too big or too small for us to handle.

We work on tools for a variety of manufacturing niches- draw tools, forming tools, press tools, blanking tools, wipers and formers and more.