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Injection Moulding

T&G’s expertise in injection moulding comes from sound manufacturing experience. The implementation of automated auxiliary equipment enables T&G to produce quality product efficiently.

Our investment in the latest Nissei injection moulding machines ensures accurate moulded product at competitive prices.

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We are one of Australia’s leading injection moulding manufacturers. We have a team of very qualified injection moulders who are experienced in plastic product manufacturing and who can make top quality products and tools.

You don’t need to outsource your manufacturing work to an overseas company when you can get high quality work here locally. We can help you with the entire injection moulding process, including design and distribution. Come see us for any kind of plastic injection job and let us provide you with assurance that the job will be done well and that you will be satisfied with the results.

We use very strict quality control processes to ensure that every job is done to our satisfaction and that it also meets the needs of the customer. We also use the latest in modern technology to ensure that our facilities can produce high quality products very efficiently and quickly. That means we can take on large orders and make small orders economically. Talk to our team to learn more at how we design plastic products, how we can provide mould-flow analysis and how else we can help you.

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High Quality Results

Our sophisticated machines can make plastic parts of all sizes- from very small components to large, complex items. For example, the automotive industry uses injection moulding for plastic products to make interior items, finishes for the exterior, safety components and more. It is important that a skilled and experienced team make these kinds of parts, since they will determine how well the vehicle functions.

The medical industry is another niche that demands precision equipment and high-quality parts. Our team can deliver that, providing sanitary equipment and plastic consumables that are up to our very high standards of quality. These are all manufactured in an environment that is very sterile and that complies with all relevant healthcare regulations.

Our team can also make containers that are tamper proof as well as tubs that are considered food grade. We always ensure the processes that we use meet industry standards of quality and safety.